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More than 20,000 women around the world may die because of the global gag rule.

Millions of women could have unintended pregnancies because of the global gag rule.

Millions of people could contract HIV because of the global gag rule.

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70 Million Fewer Condoms Distributed - International Planned Parenthood Federation

20,000 Maternal Deaths - International Planned Parenthood Federation

11 Million AIDS-Related Deaths - PEPFAR

16 Million New HIV Infections - PEPFAR

162 Million New Malaria Cases - Peter Winskill et al.


The U.S. has long been a leader in supporting medical care and access to contraception for women and girls around the world. President Donald Trump put our leadership at risk when he issued a presidential memorandum that reinstated and dramatically expanded a policy that cuts almost all U.S. global health funding to providers, clinics, and other health organizations abroad if they provide any visitor with information about abortion. The policy dictates how organizations can spend their own money, and, because it limits free speech, it is commonly called the global gag rule.

Under the global gag rule, other countries’ health organizations must provide services based on U.S. politics and not on standards of medical care. President Trump dramatically expanded the policy beyond what previous Presidents put in place, targeting all global health assistance funds (nearly nine billion dollars in funding for FY2017).

Although the Trump Administration refers to the expanded policy as “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance,” research shows when the global gag rule is in effect, the number of abortions increase, and women and girls suffer. It is time to end gag now and support women, girls, and their families around the world.

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